Ivy Cottage, Cransworth Springs

Welcome to Cransworth Springs and we hope you have a very enjoyable stay with us in Ivy Cottage. This guide should provide everything you need to know about staying in the cottage however please do not hesitate to ask should you have any questions or concerns during your stay. We are on site most days or you can try one of our contact numbers or email:

Home – 01208 367159        Simon mobile – 07906627649        Caroline mobile – 07811132712


Wi-Fi – The PIN for all networks you will come across is cransworth

As you move around the site you may also pick up the following networks: Grounds (which covers the area around the pool and Piskey Hut), Stable and Bramble Lodge.


Relevant pages from instruction manuals for the various kitchen appliances can be found via the Links page on our website, however please note the following points as a guide:

  • To turn the oven on, turn the left-hand knob to the 6 o’clock position and set the temperature with the right hand knob.

  • To turn on extractor fan above the hob simply pull open the door and adjust fan level using the switch on the right hand side.

  • The freezer and tumble drier are in the utility room next door.



As we have a poor terrestrial TV signal TV in the cottage is obtained through the satellite Freesat service. Each TV has a separate Manhattan Freesat receiver box with its own remote.

On both TVs, using the “input” remote button you need to select input HDMI 1 for Freesat and HDMI 2 for Roku streaming. On the lounge TV select HDMI 3 for the DVD.

 To use either TV:

  • Turn on the Manhattan Freesat box with the relevant remote

  • Turn on the TV with the relevant remote

  • Use the Manhattan remote to change channel, access the TV guide and adjust volume. Please note that there is a slight delay between pressing a button and the channel changing.

  • Use the TV remote to also adjust volume if required

  • Use the 2 remotes to turn off after use

There is also a Roku streaming device attached to each TV. This has its own remote. To view this you will need to set the TV to input HDMI 2. Use your logins to access the various services. Remember that to go back to watching TV you will need to revert the TV input to HDMI 1.

In the lounge there is also a Blu-ray / DVD player. This has its own remote. To view this you will need to set the TV to input HDMI 3.

Next to the lounge TV is a Soundbar with sub-woofer for enhanced TV sound and for you to play your music. For TV sound  turn the soundbar on using the power button on the Majority remote control and then press the mode button until Opt is selected as indicated in the red display on the right of the soundbar. Adjust volume, bass and treble as required.

To connect your music device via Bluetooth:

  • Press the mode button until Bluetooth is selected

  • On your device scan for devices and connect to Majority Ben Nevis II (if a PIN is requested it is 0000)

You can also connect using the audio jack supplied and selecting Line In mode

A radio is also provided – a Majority Arbury II. This is both DAB and FM. It has a rechargeable battery which can be charged via the USB cable provided plugged into one of the several USB sockets in the kitchen and lounge area. When using the radio, for best reception remove the charging cable from the radio. Instructions can be found in the manual available on our Links page.



Our sewer drainage is provided by a septic tank. To avoid blockages it is therefore essential that only the basics of poo, pee & paper (toilet) are flushed down the toilet. Please make use of the sanitary bags provided for anything else which can be disposed of in the general rubbish. Also, please ensure that you use only the toilet paper provided by us. Just ask if you need more.

Coffee grounds should be discarded in the bin and not washed down the sink. Thank you for your help with these points.

Rubbish and Recycling

There are 2 bins provided next to the parking space. One is for general rubbish (which includes food waste) and one is for recycling – up to you which bin you use for which. We are able to recycle the following which can all be placed in the recycling bin:

Glass, metal / cans, paper, cardboard and plastic food packaging (not black).

There’s also a separate bin for dog waste if applicable.

No need for you to worry about bin collection days, we will gather all bin contents as necessary and put out on the relevant day.

Fire Protection

A fire blanket is provided on the side of the lower kitchen unit by the bin. A fire extinguisher is provided on the left-hand wall of the utility room.

There are 4 smoke detectors. Above the kitchen, lounge, bedroom and utility room. If the alarm sounds the escape route is through the main front door. From the bedroom if your route through to the front door is blocked, use either of the windows.

Heating and Hot Water

Both are provided by a gas boiler situated in the utility room. There is a carbon monoxide alarm in the utility room. Please do not tamper with any settings on the boiler. If you experience any problems, please let us know.

The boiler heats water on demand so there is no hot water tank. Please note that if the hot water hasn’t been run for a while it can take a little time to run hot again.

The control panel for the central heating is in the lounge on the wall above the sofa. It is set to auto with room temperatures pre-set within the programme across time zones during each day. If you are cold simply press the upward arrow button on the right-hand side to increase the target room temperature. This will apply until the next time zone kicks in which will revert the target temperature back to the pre-set. Use the downward arrow button to decrease the target temperature if required.


Water Main

The stopcock is located in the cupboard under the sink.


The mains switchboards and earth trip breaker are located in the top cupboard in the utility room.

Utility Room

The following can be found in here:

  • Freezer

  • Tumble drier

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Airer

  • Washing basket and pegs

  • Retractable washing line is located on the outside corner by the gas bottles. The hook is on the green wall adjacent. (You will need to wrap the line around the anchor point on the line housing to keep it taught).

Pool Towels (When pool is available)

Pool towels are provided in the wardrobe for your use around our pool. These should not be taken away from the site at all e.g. not to be taken to the beach. These pool towels are chlorine resistant so please don’t use your bathroom towels around the pool.

Swimming Pool (May to September)

Clearly safety is our main concern here. We want you to enjoy the pool and surrounding area, however please note the following points:

  • The deep end is nearest the cottage and is 1.6 metres (5’ 5”) deep. The shallow end is nearest the main house and in 1 metre (3’) deep. There is a gently sloping section between the two.

  • All children under 16 must be fully supervised by a responsible adult at all times. We would strongly recommend that even adults do not use the pool on their own in case of difficulty.

  • We will uncover the pool each morning by 10am after water testing and cleaning (keen, early swimmers please let us know when you arrive, and we’ll aim to cater for your requirements). The pool will be covered by 10pm.

  • The pool’s heat pump, situated next to the pool house, runs between 9.30am and 6pm when required to heat the water. You may notice some low background noise from this when in operation.

  • We clean the pool regularly, however being an outside pool leaves, insects etc. can fall in during the day. Please use the pool nets if required.

  • Only plastic cups, glasses and plates to be used around the pool.


Piskey Hut (BBQ Hut)

This is our all-weather barbecuing venue! It will seat 6 comfortably around a central charcoal barbecue. All of our guests are welcome to use this at no extra cost. However, to avoid disappointment we operate a booking system on a first come first served basis. If you wish to use the hut please let us know. To make it as easy as possible for you we will provide the following:

  • Plates and bowls

  • Cutlery

  • Plastic glasses

  • Bottle opener

  • Bin bag

  • BBQ tools

  • Bluetooth / Aux soundbar

You will need to provide charcoal and lighters (or can be purchased from us for £5), food, drink and conversation! All we ask is that you place all rubbish in the bin bag provided and place dirty plates, cutlery etc. in the green plastic box and we’ll wash up next day.



If you have your dog/s with you they must not be left in the cottage unattended at any time. We have provided throws to be used to protect furniture. Please clear up all mess and place in the dog waste bin. If you run out of poo bags please ask and we can provide some.


External lighting


We have various lights which come on at night time to provide light around the site. We recognise that one of the potential attractions of our situation is the dark sky we enjoy at night time. If you particularly want to stargaze on clear nights we are more than happy to turn our lights off for this purpose. Just ask.


Emergency Information


Your postal address is:

Cransworth Springs, Rosenannon, St Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PL


Directions to give doctor, emergency services, etc.:-


On the unclassified road linking Wadebridge and Rosenannon 1 mile before Rosenannon.

Coordinates 50.468 North 4.875 West


Emergency Services


Emergency: FIRE, POLICE, AMBULANCE or COASTGUARD dial 999 or 112


Police – 101 for non-emergency enquiries


Doctors Surgery: 

Wadebridge & Camel Estuary Practice

Wadebridge Surgery, Brooklyn, Wadebridge, Cornwall

01208 812222

There’s also a surgery in St Columb Major (01637 880359).


NHS Choices – 111 for non-urgent medical or dental matters (24hr. helpline)


Defibrillator – www.heartsafe.org.uk


The nearest Casualty units are:

Minor Injuries
Call before going to find out opening times
Bodmin Hospital                                                               01208 251577
Fowey Hospital                                                               01726 832241
Launceston Hospital                                                        01566 765653
Liskeard Hospital                                                              01579 335278
Newquay Hospital                                                           01637 893623
St Austell Hospital                                                            01726 291199

Accident & Emergency

Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, Truro, TR1 3LJ   01872 250000


Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8DH  01752 202082


Check out

Is 09.30 am on your day of departure.

Anything else – please just ask.

Caroline & Simon


If you have enjoyed your stay with us and would like to return we allow a 5% discount on repeat bookings. When booking online via our website please enter Repeat5 into the discount code box.